Desk Booking System

Maximize your workplace potential for productivity and ease.

Maximize Desk Utilization

The booking system allows employees to book through their mobiles effortlessly. All booking information is promptly displayed on a digital screen.
Designed to maximize asset utilization and enhance the employee experience, the system enables employees to search and reserve workstations in advance. This significantly streamlines operations and boosts overall workspace management.
It supports businesses in successfully implementing a mobile office setup, lending them a tangible edge in modern workspace strategy.

Desk Allocation Visible

Our feature supports the upload of your office layout and allows for quick spot creation. You can promptly assign desks on the layout, and the platform – in real-time – visually displays the number of assigned desks, free desks, and their ratio, providing a snapshot of your workspace availability.
Additionally, we offer the flexibility of changing your layout twice at no extra cost.
This balance of efficiency and adaptability ensures streamlined workspace management without compromising on convenience.

Accurate Usage Report​

Desk Booking Pro displays overall booking data along with an insightful analysis of no-shows, providing administrators with a consolidated view of workstation utilization. More than just a booking tool, it can connect with sensors to monitor actual occupancy, accurately identifying no-show instances as part of its analysis. Additionally, Desk Booking Pro can also integrate with Digital Ink to visually display the current booking status. Equipped with these features, Desk Booking Pro serves as an intelligence-driven assistant, contributing significantly to efficient and well-coordinated workspace management.

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