Smart Technology at Workplace I

When it comes to workplace strategies, like increasing work efficiency, improving productivity and ensuring your employees enjoy the office, technology has always played an important role. Smart technology in the workplace is truly changing the way we work, and it helps keep the business organised and running smoothly. 

As a pioneer and leader in workplace digitalization, 9am has dedicated itself to providing digitized technology, empowering people and organizations and giving them the space to achieve more. A few days ago, Elaine Huang, Co-founder and COO of 9am caught up with UnWork analyst and regular WORKTECH Academy contributor Arraz Makhzani. They spoke about smart technology for the workplace as part of the WORKTECH Kitchen Table Conversations. We’ve helpfully transcribed the video into a series of blogs to give you a clearer understanding of how 9am defines workplace technology, and what insights we give to organizations in terms of real-world application. 

Arraz: Can you tell us a little more about how you got involved in the workplace industry?

Elaine: All of our co-founders have a background in technology, I myself majored in Electronic Engineering. We have worked together for a long time, providing IoT solutions to suit different scenarios. There was an opportunity around 6 years ago where we provided sensors and workstations to one of our clients to help their employees reduce prolonged sitting periods, and we found our client loved it. This is how we decided to use IoT technology to help our clients to achieve better outcomes. 

Arraz: What was it that attracted you to this industry, and the idea of driving the modern workplace forward?

Elaine: People are spending a lot more time in the workplace. The boundary between work and life is increasingly blurred. For solution providers like 9am, who serve global clients and partners, sometimes it’s 24-7 online. A third to a half of our life is spent at our workplace. Utilizing technology and accelerating the workplace digitalization might be a chance to empower people, organizations and spaces to achieve more. That’s what we find so fascinating about this industry. 

See the full video here.