HALO Digital Workstation

A trailblazer that redefines the workspace

Reinventing Digitalization

We have developed a digital cube that can control multiple smart devices and extensively connect with more. We also took a creative approach to ensuring the desk has maximum efficiency and so users remember to make use of its features by developing a light function to remind them, as well as a feature-rich mobile app to complete the experience.

A brand new interactive experience

The new digital series including HALO, a collection of height adjustable workstations with cutting-edge design, incorporating a smarter handset control and a pebble-shape light that is more interactive and user friendly.

Refining digitalization

Upgraded occupancy sensor that can actively and accurately detect sedentary behavior, even knowing when you are and aren’t at your desk. A new digital cube that connects and coordinates all digital devices, providing a seamless experience between all functions

Rewriting traditional workstations

Enclosed cable management is designed for resolving many of the pain points regarding workstation usage, and provides high-quality all-around work experience.

Multiple Color Options

The reinvented workplace digitalization

Enjoy a workday with HALO