AI-powered Sensors

9am self-developed AI-powered sensors arm workplace analytics with explicit proof of what is and isn’t working in the office.

The diversity of office scenarios and office behaviour makes the understanding of space through data become the first step in the upgrade of office space, and will also be the first step in the effective implementation of activity based working.


Wireless Occupancy Sensor

Detection Accuracy 98%

The Wireless Occupancy Sensor is made for collecting workstation occupancy data, as well as other fixed spots like phone booths or huddle spaces. The dual sensing elements incorporated in the sensor are capable of precisely distinguishing between people and objects. Innovatively, it is the smallest occupancy sensor in the world, but surprisingly easy installation!

Significantly accurate, surprisingly

Wireless Counting Sensor

Counting sensor receives thermal IR energy from objects through its thermopile array to detect people passing through. It can also calculate the number of passing people and their direction of travel.

Ceiling Mounted Detection Sensor

Detection Accuracy 98%
With a built-in high-precision algorithm unit, the sensor can automatically adapt to specific room environments and filter out interference caused by temperature and humidity changes. It is also capable of identifying people from up to 7 meters away.

Ai-powered sensor array

Real time stats

Real-time heat mapping helps locate where your focus should be.

Easy Installation

Installs in only a few seconds with tape mounting. Your can use backside sticker to stick it to anywhere.

World's Smallest

At a size of 52.6x52.6mm, the sensor can be fitted into limited space, and even without any interruption to work.


Video free solution ensures privacy as individuals counted are not identifiable


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Static & Dynamic

The dual sensing elements incorporated in the sensor are capable of precisely detecting both static and dynamic humans.

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