By accelerating workplace digitalization, we enhance workspaces and empower people and organizations to achieve more.

Who we are

9am is a pioneer and leader in workplace digitalization. Centered on human detection sensors and AIoT technology, we provide corporate full-spectrum solutions for spatial analysis and digital height adjustable workstations, which lead to data-driven workplace strategies as well as a healthy and efficient new working experience. 9am has built a global service and supply chain system covering 12 countries and regions, helping more than 1600 office spaces realize digital upgrades.

Why we are the workplace digitalization of choice

Leading in Technology

One of the first companies to integrate AIoT technology in the workplace

Leading in Products

The first highly accurate and most complete sensing system developed in the world & The first AI-powered spatial sensor & digitalized workstation

Leading in the Market

One of the fastest-growing, most innovative, and highest value assessed companies

Global Presence

Helping 1600+ workplaces globally complete digitalization upgrades with global logistics and service

9am Milestone

  • 9am

    2015 - 9am Founded

    Founders decided to use cutting-edge technologies to change how we work.

  • 2016 - Digital Workstation debut

    The first generation of 9am sensor-powered workstation launched in Germany Orgatec.

  • Early 2017 - March into the global

    9am's first global project was delivered, and 9am marched tobecome a global enterprise.

  • 2017 - Microsoft Strategic partner

    9am become a strategic partner of Microsoft in smart office and smart building.

  • 2018 - Tesseract™ Debut

    Tesseract™ was released,and started to serve 500 Fortune companies like Siemens and BMW.

  • early 2020 - Iconic awards

    we won Iconics Award!

    Now we can say we combine DESIGN with TECHNOLOGY!

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