Collaboration Desk

Stand-up meetings boost your
thinking capacity

An efficient meeting starts from a standing one!

Outfit with dual handsets, FLOW makes it accessible to control on both sides. Monitor is seamless integrated with the lifting system, simply raise or lower the desk, monitor height adjustment is synchronized. FLOW creates the best meeting experience for participants by facilitating movement and easy content sharing. 


FLOW is a height-adjustable collaboration desk designed for co-working, meetings, conference sharing and illuminating your smart office solution.

  • 2 U-leg application in a variety of widths
  • Electric adjustment (up/down or programmable handset) height ranges 1’11″ to 4’1″ (total movement of 2’2″)
  • Quadruple motors and triple-stage lifting columns
  • Anti-collision mechanism
  • Multi-shaped desktop sizes 1600-2000 x 900-1100mm
  • Multiple colors for desktop and frame
  • Travel speed 1-3/8″ per second
  • Operation sound <50dB
  • Weight Capacity 281lb
  • Wire/power management available
  • Monitor arm available

Contact us for more customized solutions

Desk shapes, legs, desktop widths are all customizable. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll provide a comprehensive solution.