Smart-Sharing Plan

Maximize your workplace potential for productivity and ease.

Maximize Desk Utilization

The booking system allows employees to book through their mobiles effortlessly. All booking information is promptly displayed on a digital screen.

  • Multi-terminal booking
  • Real-time display

Desk Allocation Visible

Our feature supports the upload of your office layout and allows for quick spot creation.

You can promptly assign desks on the layout, and the platform – in real-time – visually displays the number of assigned desks, free desks, and their ratio.

  • Online visualization allocation
  • Enhanced administrative efficiency

Online Asset Management

Each workstation has a unique identification ID and a QR code.

Easily access workstation details by scanning the QR code on your smartphone. View information like product model, color, material, delivery date, and maintenance records.

  • Assets clearly recorded
  • Enhanced efficiency for management and collaboration

Accurate Usage Report​

Employees can access scientifically usage tips and personalized health data reports, while employers analyze workstation usage data for better workspace strategies.

  • Boosting employee satisfaction
  • Real-time utilization monitoring
  • Adjustment of work patterns and space strategies

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