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Instead of waiting for analysts to crunch numbers, you get real-time reports at your fingertips. 9am helps deploy a combination of utilization tracking technologies to gather all the data you need to make decisions about activity-based workplace design. 

Creating an activity-based workplace by optimizing

what problems are we facing?

ABW, Data-Backed

ABW (Activity-based Working) allows employees to choose from a variety of settings according to the nature of what they are doing. Companies provide people with the freedom to choose when, where, and how they work is necessary for their success.

The diversity of office scene and office behavior makes understanding space through data the first step for office space planning, and the first step of effective implementation of activity based working style.


The world-smallest occupancy sensor could precisely detect still people, workstation utilization is accurately tracked and easy to analyze.

Workstation usage demonstrated through data reports that categorized by area, or department. You will also be able to know the utilization trend by reading  occupancy thermal map.

meeting rooms

True occupancy data can help eliminate usage problems and ensure meeting rooms are available when needed. 

Analyzed data includes occupancy, no-shows, average meeting duration, and the number of attendees to help enhance room utilization understanding.

Other Office Areas

Sensors will track personnel across the building and alerts them if a predefined safe distance.


Understanding when and how people are using phone booths can prevent under or over-utilization. The data gathered through smart sensors will let you evaluate on how to well-design leisure areas.

optimizing workspaces through -term occupancy analysis

Workplace value realized by digitalization

Spatial data analysis service

Tesseract™ can help companies quickly understand the current space usage status and core issues, and drive enterprise spatial decision to be more scientific.

With a variety of self-developed space sensors covering the entire office scenarios, the service can provide a full range of space usage data collection and analysis services, to meet enterprise short-term and long-term space requirements. 

Short - term

Occupancy Analysis

If your company is considering moving to a new office or reconstruction, to make sure that your office is the perfect size and layout for innovation and productivity, you have to go a step further and analyze the current occupancy situation before making any decisions. 






Through a comprehensive analysis report based on data collected by occupancy sensors, 9am will show you if your office meets the requirements of collaborative work and what the best layout design should your office follow. 

While it is trendy to shift from large formal meeting spaces to smaller, informal meeting spaces, first off, you’ll have to get utilization data of each space. 

Workplace data makes it easy to understand what types of employees you have, whether or not desks go unoccupied, how often employees reserve desks and in what areas of the office, and more.

9am has joined forces with workplace design specialists to provide more professional and insightful consultancy solutions, only to make sure that your workplace transformation is strategized, evaluated and well planned.

Long - term

Office Solutions

Improving the workplace is an ongoing project that requires constant attention. Data that shows real-time space usage acts as the sidekick to make the process that much easier. Ultimately, we’ll help shape the way office strategically transform and manage a heathy working environment.

In an ever-changing work environment, the cost of a lack of understanding into how your office space is used is high, and your office needs thoughtful design with employee needs at the center of it. Our workplace analytics reveal  how your employees use the space provided, shedding light on what is and isn’t working so your team can continue to iterate.

Our office solutions can also synergise with other office technologies to optimize office space to reduce costs, while also digitizing offices to improve employee and visitor experiences.

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9am has joined forces with workplace design specialists to provide more professional and insightful consultancy solutions, only to make sure that your workplace transformation is strategized, evaluated and well planned.

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